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                                         Jones Cabinet Shop


 When visitors enter a Studio shop on Dorsey Road in New Iberia, LA. while William Jones is absorded in the fine art of reproducing and restoring antiques, they can observe him creating his craft with the skill of someone who truly loves what he's doing. His painstaking care to rejuvenate or construct furniture indicates to those who drop in that fine craftsmanship is still flourishing in Acadiana.

 Jones reinforces his visitors appreciation for good craftmanship when he talks about his furniture and his craft. He often entertains his callers by telling them about the history of furniture, finishes and reproducing techinques, and by relating tidbits of information about his trade. He's also willing to help admirers of his art learn to appreciate various styles of furniture by taking time to describe physical characteristics of different furniture styles,he shares basic information with those who need to make intelligent decisions concerning investments in Antiques and Antique Reproductions.

  Jones often works with Decorators, Collectors, and individuals for constructing pieces ranging from Early Acadian primative styles to Modern Contemporary Styles.

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  • " I thought we had all the furniture we could possibly use. We traveled everywhere buying stuff handmade and upon seeing the SINKER CYPRESS this man drags from the Atchafalaya..."
    John Hernamous
    Furniture Collector
  • " These People do wonders with wood not thought possible, I am more than proud to say I have a sighed piece of Mr Jones in my house and one in my office i drew on a freaking nap..."
    ????ий маг